Find The Best Place To Live in Charleston, SC

Understanding the latest trends in real estate and why the living, breathing city of Charleston is one of America’s premier destinations for relocation. Sanelo has a great guide about living in Charleston SC.


Since it’s such a popular place to live, there are many factors to consider when it comes to buying or renting in Charleston- from proximity to downtown, cost of living, school districts, and more. However, we’ve done your hard work by researching these factors and narrowing down the rankings so you can pick from our list of top places to live in the Holy City.


We’ve built our site around a few key factors to help you quickly narrow down the thousands of options available in this charming Southern city. These include:


Cost of Living – We ranked the top Charleston neighborhoods based on cost of living, average household income, and the housing market index.


Crime Rate – The South Carolina Department of Public Safety maintains data on all reported crimes in each county in South Carolina from 2007-2014. This allows us to rank all neighborhoods according to crime rates. Our list is compiled by calculating a ratio based on the reported crimes per 100,000 residents.

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High School Test Scores – We only selected neighborhoods that had at least one high school with test scores available, and that met our minimum requirement. We then ranked the neighborhood according to the high schools’ average SAT and ACT scores.


Lifestyle – We chose this category because there are many things to consider when picking your favorite neighborhood in Charleston. This may include access to public transportation, fitness options, and happy hours, among other things.


If you’re moving to a new city or looking for a place to rent in Charleston, our ranking is a great place to start because it takes into account several critical factors when looking at a neighborhood, such as cost of living and crime rate. We only chose from neighborhoods with at least one high school that met our minimum requirement for test scores to measure the high school test score ranking accurately.


Additionally, this list is based on the information available at the time of our publishing to ensure that you can make an informed decision about where to live in Charleston, SC. With this in mind, we recommend that you contact a Charleston real estate agent so they can assist you with your search.


In conclusion, this list is a great place to start when researching where to live in Charleston because we ranked the neighborhoods based on things you can’t find or measure yourself. This means we’re catering to what matters to you the most.

Learn more about accommodation near the university of south Australia

To study correctly and have the right atmosphere that encourages you to study hard, you first need proper accommodation. One of the major problems students face while reading in South Australia, especially those who come from far and wide, is finding a perfect location. Various services can help students find the perfect place. However, there are some things that a student should keep in mind before looking for accommodation near university of south Australia.

Things to consider before looking for an accommodation

Students can ultimately be carefree and focus on studying with the help of the right services that offer accommodation near university of south australia. They provide rooms and apartments with all the facilities to make your loving comfortable. They make sure that the distance from the University to your abode is a few minutes or a few kilometers. It shall result in less time being wasted on commuting. It shall also help you save money and cut down on expenses.accommodation near university of south australia

Living far away from home as a student especially means you have to bear many expenses. Therefore, you need to choose a location that does not make you pay extra and help you manage your budget. It is also essential for these students to keep in constant touch with their friends and have easier access to necessities. For example, there should be shops nearby if they need something urgently. It shall also help them socialize more with their peers and get to know them outside of the university. You can also get to meet students from other universities and interact with them. It can help you get exposed to various cultures, ideas, and knowledge.

More about accommodation in South Australia

Certain services can help you get in touch with apartments that also focus on preserving the environment and also take steps towards it. Some places focus on maintaining cleanliness and also offer various rewards for it. It is essential for a place to be spotless and is one of the essential requirements for every student. Any unclean place cannot be ideal for you to focus on your studies and prosper. Your surroundings play a significant role in ensuring what your mood is.  It can indirectly affect your studies and break your concentration. Therefore, one should always go thorough checking before renting a place.

How hiking can be beneficial for you

If you are planning for a vacation, then you have different things to consider. Many would consider going to their favorite destinations and some would prefer to go for adventurous activities. Hiking is one of the best adventurous activities that one can consider if one has an escape from the real world. There are a lot of benefits that one would enjoy when they choose to go hiking.

For the best hiking experience, it is crucial that you have to prepare well before you opt for hiking. No matter whether you plan for a single day hiking or multi-day hiking, you should consider doing the right preparation which would make a lot of difference. If you have a struggle in preparing for hiking, then you have many blogs on the internet. You can get every information on the colorado hiking blog that would provide you with a lot of information about the places, and how to prepare for the hiking. Here are a few ways that hiking can be beneficial for you.

Stress buster:

If you are suffering from stress for many days, then you can choose hiking which can be the best natural remedy to relieve your stress. Because it allows you to explore nature that would help in calming your mind. You will have a good mindset after the hiking experience. You would feel excited throughout the hiking and the impacts of hiking would last longer. Not only stress relief, but you would also improve your overall well-being if you prefer hiking.

Explore new places:

After the successful completion of hiking, your enthusiasm for hiking will get increase. This would make your visit and explore new places. There are so many beautiful destinations for hiking. If you want to find more information about unique places, then you can consider reading the colorado hiking blog.

Helps meet new people:

If you enjoy socializing with others, then hiking would be the best choice for you. Because you will be able to meet like-minded people when you choose to go hiking. You could share a lot of information with the people that would help you to build a huge network. Hiking helps you to build social skills as it allows you to interact with other hikers. Hence, hiking offers a lot of benefits to you. Gain more information about hiking that would allow you to have the best experience.  Ready to create more stories about hiking!

Airbnb User Experience: The New Branding Approach

Looking for a way to earn extra money every month? This was the main motivation for most of the owners when they joined the AirBnB platform, but by this point, you probably realized that the market was in a very different mood. AirBnB is now very popular and in high demand, especially in the London area. If you’re a homeowner here, you may have to put in some extra effort to stand out from the competition.

Fortunately, it’s not that hard if you remember your manners … and give your tenants something extra to smile at.

Have a friendly face to greet them

Therefore, even if you are not there in person to hand over the keys, it is important that you, so to speak, “open your face” and let them know how friendly and approachable you are. It works wonders for boosting your ratings even before your guests finish their stay. Knowing Where to find best airbnbs? will greatly determine how your tenants see your home.

Leave the brochure on the counter with a quick “Welcome!” a message explaining how happy you are that they chose to stay on your property. Take a photo of your smile, include your name and contact information in case they need help with anything while they are there.

Give them your travel tips

Your brochure should also contain some short FAQs and tips. You can help prove yourself the benevolent person behind your property by leaving a note about your favorite restaurant and meeting places, and even sharing your favorite takeaways and location numbers. Give them directions on how to get to the point of interest, etc., to make their stay more enjoyable.

Even if they don’t take advantage of these tips, providing them will help them establish a personal connection, leading to a better overview when it comes to evaluating the service you provided.

Go the extra mile

Having an informative and welcoming brochure that makes them smile is one thing. If you really want to stand out, leave a small gift card, a box of chocolate, or a token of appreciation for the smile on his face. For example, a gift card to a local coffee shop is a great way to instantly boost your rating.

Ask a professional

Is property management time consuming? You don’t have to give up everything. Talking to an Airbnb agent can be the right solution to keep profits without having to deal with the headache of ownership. A real estate agent can take care of all the hard stuff for you, giving you more time to enjoy the extra money your AirBnB brings!

Hiring quality Airbnb Atlanta cleaners will also help you properly clean furniture such as sleeping beds, tables, cabinets, chairs, and other accessories, as well as spray perfume and air fresheners to leave a great scent. A professional home cleaning service will also vacuum the entire floor of your home to remove dust from corners and typical areas, and disinfect your home with cleaning sprays to keep it fresh. An experienced cleaning team will also clean your bathroom and kitchen, as well as clean equipment such as faucets, bathtubs and kitchen appliances.

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